About Us - Meet the Team

Danger Close Golf, part of Danger Close Sports LLC, is a Veteran-owned and "Operated" golf apparel and accessory business. We’re more than just a small business though. We here at DCG are avid golfers who recently found love for the sport. We enjoy getting together with friends, hitting the course and giving each other a hard time on the missed shots as well as busting chops for the great shots. We noticed a hole in the clothing market for the type of apparel we wanted to wear on the course and thought maybe other folks would be interested as well.

With the term Veteran, we feel it’s important to give back. 10% of all profits will go to Veteran, Active Military, First Responder charities or sponsorship of Events to help raise funds.

Learn more about the guys behind the scenes here at Danger Close Golf below:

Michael "Doc" Rohan 
The Dude in Charge

Doc is a Veteran of the USAF having served 8 years as an Independent Duty Medic. Doc spent his last few years of his service in Air Force Special Operations. Doc continues to teach trauma courses nationwide, work event medicine and contract for SOCOM. Even though every Air Force base had a well groomed golf course and unlimited steak and lobster Doc didn’t play a single round while in the service. Doc played mostly par three’s when he was younger but took a decade long hiatus from the sport. Recently taking the sport back up as a way to hang out with his friends and coworkers he’s fallen in love with the sport. Either that or he’s fallen in love with a sport that lets him smoke cigars, drink, and harass his friends all while calling it a sport. Doc is now a member of the Veteran’s Golf Association. (Learn more here:  http://www.vgagolf.org ) 


Joe “MacGyver” Royle
The Fixer-upper and Great Ideas Guy

Joe is a British Army Veteran serving Her Majesty’s Armed Forces for 23 ½ years in the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (REME); bringing a touch of class to the DCG Team; he drinks tea with his pinky finger extended and talks like the folk from Downton Abbey.  Joe spent his entire career putting back together equipment that was “accidentally” broken or “like that when I found it” by the over enthusiastic Squaddie or GI and served alongside Coalition US Forces in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. Joe too, during his Military career, only swung a golf club in anger on a few occasions, but his desire to embrace his inner redneck and the endless supply of duct tape in assorted colors including Multi-cam brought him stateside to Maine where he now he has the time to fully embrace the sport and camaraderie with his Brothers.  Joe now works in the public safety sector to fund this new addiction and build golf-related equipment and paraphernalia for the DCG family, watch this space…Tally Ho Chaps!


CJ “Tornado” O’Connor
Artist and Weird Idea Generator

CJ spent 4 years in the Army as Military Police before entering the contractors circuit outside the US. CJ grew tired of the travel and long days and picked back up a lifelong passion in Art. CJ has been tattooing for close to a decade and worked with art in various mediums his entire life. CJ only recently picked up golf but has fallen in love with the sport and is excited to take his design knowledge and service background and smash them together with his newfound passion for golf. When he’s not on the course he’s enjoying whiskey in his whiskey parlor and coming up with hundreds of ideas we deny on the regular. 1/100 are fantastic and that’s what you see on your clothing today.