Lt. Babe Huey would like you all to know that our Kick-Ass products with Bad-Ass designs are produced for all to enjoy and to proudly show support for both Active & Retired Military and First Responders alike. Some products portray firearms, ammunition’s, smoking and the consumption or depiction of alcoholic beverages. 
Your friends in the Danger Close Team enjoy life and encourage you to be the same by practicing responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages and safe handling of firearms & ammunitions. 
We believe people should always use their common sense and should act responsibly no matter the activity they are engaged in. 
We do not advocate overconsumption, misuse or the abuse of alcohol or drugs. 
We do not advocate underage drinking, excessive drinking, binge drinking or any other unsafe drinking behavior. Always drink responsibly. 
It is the sole Duty of every single individual to ensure they are legal before driving or being in control of any vehicle with or without an engine. Remember there are better options, take a taxi, nominate a Designated Driver, phone a friend or even take a big spoon of humble pie and call Mommy to pick you up!
We believe that safe firearms handling is the most important consideration of anyone who uses firearms and ammunition.
Firearms and alcohol don't mix. Never drink alcoholic beverages or take drugs before or during shooting, as this constitutes criminal disregard for your safety and that of others. Never use a gun while you are taking medication unless you have checked with your doctor to ensure your fitness to handle your gun safely


Play Hard, Train Hard, Be Responsible and most importantly Stay Safe!

Thank you for your Support!

Hank "Sarge" Hanks, Mike "Doc" Rohan, Clarence "Tornado" O'Connor & Joe "MacGyver" Royle.

Danger Close Sports LLC